Privacy and Security in the Modern Internet


Paul Schmitt

pschmitt [at]


This is a course designed for students who have an interest in academic research as well as students who seek to develop creative systems problem-solving skills that are necessary for the next generation of engineers and developers. We will take a tour of a variety of contemporary research topics, with an eye towards not only learning something about the individual topics, but also dissecting what makes for successful solutions. Networked systems privacy and security is quite broad, which is one of its appeals - privacy/security issues arise in any area, and privacy/security is difficult.


There are no required texts. Papers and various resources will be provided throughout the semester.


Prior coursework in networking and operating systems or consent of the instructor.


The class will focus on topics in computer privacy and security. You will need to read papers prior to class, and be engaged in discussions both in-class and online.

  • Class participation: 20%
  • Security reviews: 10%
  • Project proposal: 10%
  • Project reviews: 20%
  • Project: 40%

The project will be the biggest piece of this class as the class is designed to be an introduction to research in computer privacy and security. Projects can be in small groups that will depend on final enrollment. I will update the schedule with information on due dates.

Table of contents