This is a tentative schedule. Things will change / evolve as we work through discussions together.

1/9/2023Course Overview Slides
1/11/2023Networking FundamentalsSections 1.1 (The Internet)Slides
1/13/2023Networking Fundamentals1.2 (The Network Edge)Slides
1/16/2023No class  
1/18/2023Networking Fundamentals1.3 (The Network Core)Slides
1/20/2023Networking Fundamentals1.4 (Delay, Loss and Throughput)Slides
1/23/2023Networking Fundamentals1.5 (Protocol Layers)Slides
1/25/2023Routing Foundations5.2.1 (LS Routing)Slides
Sample trace
1/27/2023Routing Foundations5.2.2 (DV Routing)Slides
1/30/2023Routing Foundations Slides
2/1/2023Ethernet & Switching6.1 (Intro to the Link Layer)Slides
2/3/2023Ethernet & Switching6.3 (Multiple Access Links and Protocols)Slides
Sample DHCP trace
Sample ARP trace
2/6/2023Ethernet & Switching6.4 (Switched LANs)Slides
2/8/2023IP & Forwarding4.1 (Overview of the Network Layer)Slides
2/10/2023IP & Forwarding4.2 (What’s Inside a Router)Slides
2/13/2023IP & Forwarding4.3 (The Internet Protocol)Slides
Sample NAT home trace
Sample NAT ISP trace
2/15/2023Internet Routing5.3 (Intra-AS Routing)Slides
2/17/2023Internet Routing5.4 (Routing Among the ISPs) 
2/20/2023No class  
2/22/2023Internet RoutingSame as before, focus on BGPSlides
2/24/2023Internet RoutingSame as before, focus on BGPSSH Instructions
2/27/2023BGP Slides
3/1/2023BGP Slides
3/3/2023BGP Slides
3/6/2023Any leftovers for Chapters 1,4,5,6 Slides
3/8/2023Review Slides
3/10/2023Midterm Exam  
3/20/2023Transport Layer3.1 (Intro and Transport Layer Services)Slides
3/22/2023Transport Layer3.3 (Connectionless Transport)Slides
3/24/2023Transport Layer3.4 (Principles of Reliable Data Transfer)VLAN Lab
3/27/2023No Class  
3/29/2023TCP3.5 (Connection-Oriented Transport: TCP)Slides
3/31/2023TCP Slides
4/3/2023Congestion Control3.6 (Principles of Congestion Control)Slides
4/5/2023Congestion Control3.7 (TCP Congestion Control)Slides
4/7/2023No class  
4/10/2023Applications: DNS2.4 (DNS)Slides
4/12/2023Applications: DNS Slides
4/14/2023Applications: DNS Slides
4/17/2023Applications: HTTP2.2 (The Web and HTTP)Slides
4/19/2023Applications: HTTP Lab
4/21/2023Applications: HTTP Slides
4/24/2023Content Distribution NetworksNote this is a different book! 9.4.3 CDNsSlides
4/26/2023Wireless7.3 (WiFi)Slides
4/28/2023Wireless7.4 (Cellular)Slides
5/1/2023Security Slides
5/3/2023Review Slides